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Administrative logistics

The new type of logistics, which is widely used in all business and service sectors, as companies and institutions in these sectors are concerned with providing a set of logistics that ensure that their work is applied in a correct manner.

Logistics Support Officer

He is responsible for planning and managing the logistics, warehouse, transportation and customer services as well as directing, improving and coordinating the complete system cycle, communicating and negotiating with suppliers, manufacturers, retailers and consumers and is fully responsible for procurement, organization and control of warehousing and distribution of goods.

Logistic officer skills

The successful logistical employee possesses strong organizational skills, customer service and communication, they will be detail-oriented team players with the ability to multitask and meet deadlines, and given that logistics personnel usually work with computers and warehouse equipment, strong technical and mechanical skills are useful

Storage operations

Logistical support work depends mainly on warehousing operations, which are processes in which goods and materials are stored inside warehouses and warehouses, and warehousing operations are based on a set of procedures to organize the flow of goods inside and outside warehouses. The exchange procedures come outside the warehouse and transfer the goods to the customer or the end user

Shipping business

Millions of cargo shipping is the largest pillar in the business of logistical support, due to the great dependence on it in the transportation of goods between countries and the continents of the world, and freight operations are also the main driver of international trade exchanges, and dependence on shipping business in three forms where the types of shipping operations are divided into three Types They are air freight, land freight, and sea freight.

Integrated logistics services

These are comprehensive logistics services that are not limited to one type of logistics services, as they include distribution, supply chain management, freight services, and procurement management, and this type requires obtaining special licenses that enable the providers of these services to perform them as required.

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